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The Liturgical Dancers of Atonement Lutheran church are a group of all ages who come together to worship, and add to the worship service through movement. 

Our mission is to give the congregation a new perspective, and further understanding of God's lessons, and teachings.

Upcoming Events
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Liturgical dance is open to everyone.  We rehearse Sundays at 2:30.  We will reconvene in the fall check the Calendar for updates.

All are welcome to join. No dance experience necessary.

Check the calendar for upcoming events. coming in the fall.

Liturgical dance recital for the fall is in the making.
Our History
Liturgical dance began at Atonement in 2004.  As a new wave of worship it began with skepticism, and was thought too much for worship.  As time has gone by the congregation has come to see the importance, and beauty dance adds to a worship service.  It is another way for someone to understand the teachings of our Lord.  Under the direction of Jill Aspleaf for the past three years our group has grown from four adults to five different adults, and eight children.  We are ever growing and would love to have more!

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